A well-known saying says, “All that glitters is not gold.” But when we talk about nutrition, we could say that not everything you hear is true. So, consult your doctor to make sure that what you are doing is the right thing to do. In this article, we mention the most common myths that people have when it comes to eating.

1.  Skipping meals makes the diet more effective.
False. It will make you feel hungrier and therefore you eat more than you should. According to some studies, there is a connection between obesity and skipping breakfast.

2.  Fruit is fattening if eaten as a dessert
False. Like any other food, if you eat too much, it can be fattening. In the meantime, you can eat fruit at any time of the day.

3.  Drinking grapefruit before breakfast helps burn fats.
False. It helps eliminate fat because the fiber makes the gallbladder work better and eliminate fats through the intestine.

4. The less you eat, the more you lose weight.
False. Eating less causes the metabolism to slow down; therefore, you are losing less weight.

5.  Eating eggs raises cholesterol level
False. Recent studies have shown that you can eat up to one egg per day without affecting your health. On the contrary, eggs are a complete and highly nutritious food.

6.  One orange juice a day prevents colds.
False. What it does is that increases the body’s defenses by the anti-infectious properties of vitamin C. In addition, the juice should be natural and freshly made because the vitamin oxidizes quickly when exposed to air, water or heat.

7.  Only intense and prolonged exercise helps lose weight.
False. According to the British Heart Foundation, low intensity physical activity also consumes calories. For example, walking, gardening or household activities often make a big difference.

8. Low-fat products help you lose weight.
False. Be careful because those products have more sugar, salt, and starch to compensate for the flavor they lose when the amount of fat is removed or reduced.

9. Do not snack between meals.
False. Waiting more than four hours to eat between meals can put the body into starvation mode and begin the breakdown of muscles. Muscle loss reduces metabolism. In the long run, slow metabolism can lead to weight gain. For this reason, frequent small meals help with weight loss and preserve muscle tissue.

10.  Carbohydrates are bad.
False. Carbohydrates are important for good health. The natural carbohydrates in fruits, whole grains and vegetables are better for weight loss than the ones in animal fat or protein. Research shows that vegetarian and vegan people, who eat more of those carbohydrates, are slimmer than those who eat meat.

11.  Eating at night is what makes you fat.
False. Eating at night is not what makes you fat. Eating more calories than you burn is what makes you fat.

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