Citizens of Homestead are reverberating with excitement about the revitalization of Downtown Homestead. Homestead City Hall and Homestead Police Headquarters were vital pillars in laying the foundation of rejuvenating the city. Councilman Jimmie Williams III, Council Seat #4, has contributed immensely to achieve important milestones for the City of Homestead.

In 2009, in addition to serving as a full-time pastor, Councilman Williams was elected to serve the entire community of Homestead. Moreover, his background in finance and serving as Past Chairman for the City of Homestead Finance/Enterprise Funds, leverages expertise in balancing budgets.
Personally, sickle cell disease hits home for Councilman Williams, as his genes contain sickle cell traits. “I have to drive all the way to Broward” stated Williams about the distant drive to get treatment. He saw the difficulty of not having a local clinic for Homestead residents who are battling sickle cell disease.

Furthermore, it urged Williams to lobby his proposal to the state. The Foundation for Sickle Cell Research were funded $200,000 by the state to build a new research clinic in Homestead. Councilman Williams “biggest accomplishment of humanity” was getting the state funds to bring a sickle cell disease clinic to Homestead.   

Jimmie Williams spoke about bringing in local businesses for economic opportunities and to create better paying jobs for the citizens of Homestead. A Hyundai dealership at the site of the former bowling alley will be opening, promising more job opportunities for the community. Emphasizing “living wages” has been another priority for Councilman Williams; it’s a major issue that he wants to bring to council and get done in the next four years. Also, he is eager to build a housing property on Lucy Street and 6th Avenue for Veterans and Senior Citizens. If re-elected, Williams plans to bring another proposal to initiate the project of housing on Lucy Street which will create additional jobs.

Pointing out his eight-year tenure as a member of the city council, Williams has “established growth and development that has sustained,” and, in turn, he believes the city has progressed tremendously. Jimmie believes he could not have accomplished all that has been done without the support of the residents of Homestead and he humbly asks for community’s continued support by re-electing him.

Homestead’s 2017 City Elections: the primary election will be held on Tuesday, October 3, 2017; and the general election, on Tuesday, November 7, 2017.

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