3RG Miami (Three Ricans and a Girl) will be making its way back to The Historic Seminole Theatre in Homestead, FL, with a concert on January 26, 2019, that is sure to deliver something fresh for new and old fans alike.  Presented by Rylo Productions and sponsored by Airboat in Everglades, Coquito by Things to Nibble, Big Cypress Distillery, Cake World Bakery, Lynne Brooks and Associates, Epiko Magazine, Champion Shave, Perez and Altieri Law Firm, and Open Stage Club—the band has greatly contributed to the revival of Spanish Rock in South Florida.

During December, I had the chance to sit down with RyLo, founder and front man of 3RG Miami, to get a better insight into the band, a preview of their upcoming concert, and what’s in store for them down the road.

The band that many locals have grown to adore was founded six years ago and quickly became immensely popular in South Florida. Playing a mix of both Spanish and English songs, the band has performed in cities around Florida to include Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Daytona, Naples, Florida Keys and Tampa.

Two years ago, the band found success and popularity on an international level with the release of their first single “Loca.” The song has been streamed worldwide by thousands of fans. With these promising developments, the band released their first ballad “No Me Digas.” The new single went on to attract over one million views on Facebook and was shared over 5,000 times. The song is currently streamed around the world.

3RG Miami continued to be an international hit and knew that having people listening to their music in so many countries was a great contribution to the South Florida scene. “We are blessed and very fortunate to have people listening to our music around the world; it means a lot to us,” said RyLo. “We’re a local band with our members from Homestead and Miami. It’s our hometown, and the Historic Seminole Theatre is the venue we’ve chosen over the past three years to perform a yearly concert for our local fans. It’s a state-of-the-art venue with topnotch staff,” he continued.

Performing throughout Miami-Dade and Broward counties, they have developed a very “Miami” sound. “What makes us different is our unique style that puts a Latin twist on every song we play. It makes for a very nice satisfying infusion.”

3RG Miami is on a roll, promising a set of never-before released original songs and classics such as “Loca,” “Cheese Factory,” “No Me Digas,” “Sin Ti No Hay Luz,” and “Fo! Que Peste.”  3RG Miami will share the stage with two local up-and-coming bands (Los Inmigrantes and D’MENTES) that will be opening the concert with original and cover music. Tickets for the concert may be purchased on eventbrite.com

You can like 3RG Miami on Facebook, follow them on Instagram, and visit their website www.3rgmiami.com

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